When a chronically ill person is gifted one of my Nappers, they feel noticed, loved, and most importantly, not alone in whatever battle they are facing,” she says. “The pillows have opened conversations with people about their own struggles with chronic illness, rare diseases or depression.”

“Everyone who snoozes could benefit from this quality, handmade Napper pillow. That’s right, it’s personally handmade for you with love, care and detail. Trust us when we ask, “Who could possibly know more about the ins and outs of napping than a narcolepsy patient?”. We adore you Brooke!”


“I explain Narcolepsy to healthy people with a metaphor where hypocretin—the neurotransmitter that controls sleep and wake states—is a cage; and REM sleep—dream stage—is a wild dog.  People without Narcolepsy have a cage and the wild dog goes into this cage at appropriate times. People with Narcolepsy lost their cage. We have this wild animal roaming our brains. With any wild animal, it won’t always obey.  It’s exhausting dealing with an untrainable presence in your brain, constantly fighting you and trying to make you sleep. You may win battles throughout the day, but the dog always wins the war.”


“Brooke’s business has captured the imagination of Tulsa and become the boutique item customers never knew they needed”

 “I’m focusing on raising awareness surrounding invisible illness and refusing to accept anything less than what we deserve which, at minimum, is empathy from people we love.”