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Our Story


About The Nap Nook

The Nap Nook is owned by Brooke Cox, a Person with Narcolepsy,  who hand-makes each pillow (Napper) herself

Brooke learned to sew as a therapy to deal with the depression that comes with chronic illness, and social anxiety. 

Nappers were first gifted to friends, family, and even strangers.  They weren’t just a pillow but a piece of her she could share with others.  

The gifts received an unexpected response and completely changed Brooke’s life.   She saw the opportunity to utilize this object (a comfortable Napper) to raise awareness for invisible illness while making gifts that serve as a constant reminder people are loved.  

The Nap Nook’s mission is to give to those who need and sell to those who want.  

Nappers serve not only as an amazing gift option but also an awareness piece to remind  someone, “you are not alone”.  


To summarize: Nappers are a hug you can keep 


About Our Nappers 


Nothing but quality construction and materials.   Larger than a travel but smaller than a traditional pillow.

 Our Nappers are easily disguised as throw pillows but can be taken anywhere for napping on the go.  

16”x13” (Nap Nook Signature Size)

Cooling Gel  

Memory Foam

Never Goes Flat

Always Soft

Washable Cover