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Lysande's Flexible Headbands

Posted by Brooke Cox on

Meet Michelle, Owner of Lysande's Headbands.

Michelle and I have a lot in common.  We both were inspired by our grandmothers, we both have Narcolepsy, we are both advocates and one day we both found ourselves asking the same question: 

"Outside of advocacy, my biggest question following Diagnosis Day was: how do I create a life that caters to my narcolepsy so that I can be successful without letting narcolepsy run my life?" -- Michelle Turtora Zagardo 

Michelle and I HAD something not in common as well.   Headbands.   I'm not a "headband kind of girl", or at least I wasn't.  

These type of products have always scared me.   If it's not a basic hair-tie, I'm unsure how to use it so I never try. 

You'll find in many of my reviews, I try to be 100% honest so I'll admit here and now and hope Michelle forgives me.   I originally purchased a headband to support a fellow Person with Narcolepsy who loved her grandma and advocates.  I knew this headband wasn't something I was "cool enough" to pull off.

Flash forward and the headband arrives.    

It was so stinking cute!!

There is a wire running through mine that allows for the headband to easily twist together to get it perfectly fit.    (think:  bag of bread twist tie but stronger.  it's as easy as closing up a bag of bread)

I was surprised It looked great first attempt at putting it on.   Even putting my hair in a knot takes at least 3 tries.   

I was surprised to learn there is no wrong way to wear it.   My twist can be towards the neck or on top of my head (depending on how much of my inner Tupac i'm trying to channel)

The headband is comfortable. I mean, it is COMFORTABLE.    I nap in mine all the time with zero issues.   It keeps my hair fresh while i'm slobbering all over my nappers.   

I've owned my headband for almost a year now and it still seems just as new as they day it arrived.

I'm so happy to have ended up in a situation where was pushed (by myself) to something I thought I couldn't pull off because I can and I do and if you're like me; don't be scared because you can too.   

This headband has never given me a headache and I can skip washing my hair an extra two days or so because the headband is.... I think magic to be honest.   

 I even decided to rock Michelle's headband while showing off some of my favorite Tulsa Pillows.   


 Click here to see all of Lysande's headbands.   Did I mention there are fleece ear warmers?


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