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Dear Selfies, I’m sorry I mocked you

Posted by Brooke Cox on

I should have been thinking, wow! I can’t believe I did that.  I conquered my fear of heights.  I jumped on that ski lift and I put the fear I have of heights in my pocket for a moment and I smiled on top of that damn mountain!

I wasn’t thinking positive thoughts at all when I looked at the photo of me pointing off into the sky proudly standing tall on top of that mountain covered in freshly packed snow.      I was thinking about the guy standing next to me.  The guy ruined the photo.    

All I could think of was,  He cheated on me.... twice; and that was after he broke up with me once. He dumped me before our THIRTEEN HOUR DRIVE home together. Yes; 13 hours.

You’re right; It was awkward!   

I guess what I’m trying to say is, take photos alone sometimes because  you’ll never be the jerk ruining the photo for future you and if you are; I’m not sure what to say, maybe talk to someone about it   

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